Beautiful Places Kharfaq and Yogo Valley: Lake & Tourist Points

Beautiful Places Kharfaq and Yogo Valley: Lake & Tourist Points

If you are looking for the best places for a family trip towards Khaplu valley of Ghanche district then Kharfaq Lake and Yogu is one of the best option for you.

Kharfaq is the combination of  two words "khar" and "faq." The name  KharFaq is given to this village because there used to be a fort between KharFaq and Yugo ( a village) in ancient times. This village was called Khar Faq due to its location behind it. In Balti language, Faq means "back," meaning that the fort is behind the mountains.

Unveiling the Mysteries of Kharfaq and Yugo

In ancient times, three people, Bande and Majusi (Zoroaster/fire worshipers) came and settled here. The present people cannot tell anything about the original homeland of their ancestors, but it is not difficult to guess from names like Bande and Majusi that they come from Kashmir because of these Kashmiri castes. In the same way, when calling a man or a woman, they used the words ``are'' or ``ari'' which are used in Urdu; this is what the people say. Khawaja Rahim Sahib former member of the Kashmir Assembly, is from the same family. It is a very beautiful settlement. Regarding Majosi, a member of the Union Council, Haji Muhammad, said that he was probably a Ladakhi. Even then, his descendants live in Khar Faq.

Unveiling the Mysteries of Kharfaq and Yugo

To the west of it, there is a village called Yugo. The original name of Yugo was Yeolgo (a Balti word meaning first valley) because it was the first village of the Yebgo family (the ruler of that time) from Skardu, the first settlement or early settlement, but with the passage of time, it came to be known as Yugo.

It is a beautiful village with lush green fields. Yugo Broq is a high-altitude pasture with hunting opportunities for hunting enthusiasts. There is a high rock in the middle of Yugo which surrounds the village. Recently, a hotel named “the Markhor Resort” has been established on this high rock.

Unveiling the Mysteries of Kharfaq and Yugo

Strange Facts about Kharfaq and its Lake

 There are five stages of cultivation. In the first stage, there is cultivation in KharfaqKhas, then it proceeds to the area above it and it follows the same bottom-to-top pattern. In contrast, harvesting starts from the top areas and finally concludes in KharfaqKhas.

A very beautiful wide lake is found in KharfaqBroq. Its four or five features are strange and different from the lakes in the area.

  • Probably there is no spring in the lake; only the water from the surrounding area keeps accumulating in it. But the lake never fills up.
  • The water does not flow out of the lake, but the lake water flows thousands of feet below.
  • Rivers throughout Baltistan remain dry from September to April and flow from May to September, but here the water flows throughout the year, but the water stands for about 25 days in June and July, and then it flows out automatically.
  • The nearest of the mountain lakes is this one, which is reached after a steep ascent from Kharfaq village.
  • It is the only lake among the mountain lakes in which various species of fish are found. (Phong Naq) is located across the KharfaqRiver. It is a huge area consisting of huge black and black mountains, which in the past fell down due to the rise of the mountain glacier of Kharfaq channel and dammed the river. In the case where the accumulated water submerged the entire Khaplu valley, the water went out, while the rock fragments were still there. On a black rock, inscriptions from the Buddhist era are still there.
Kharfaq Lake

Famous places to visit in GB(kharfaq)

There are five places worth visiting in Kharfaq village.

  1. In between KharfaqPadi and Khalong Skor, there is a huge area called Khalong Skor, which is a joint artificial forest of Ahalyan Kharfaq. It is the largest artificial and non-official primeval forest in the Ghanche district. The artificial forest is located on Barlab Road; this is the second-largest artificial forest reserve in the Ghanche district, where there is also a small natural lake with the distinct pleasure of bathing in its semi-warm water, which is frequented by tourists.
  2. To irrigate the artificial forest, water has been brought from above Kharfaq village through a man-made well to the end of the mountain, from where the water falls thousands of feet down, and from below to KharfaqPadi. Through the IFFAT project  Kharfiq Bayama has been settled. Water falling down from hundreds of feet is a sight of attraction for the passerbys.
  3. The third notable place is Kharfaq Lake, which has been mentioned above.
  4. There are ancient Brahmanical and Buddhist rock inscriptions on several rocks across the river Shyok in the Phon Nak that invite researchers to explore.
  5. In the centre of Yugo, Berlab Road is a 1500-foot-high rock on top of which a very beautiful building has been constructed in 2021, in which a hotel has been opened for tourists called Markhor Resort which are at the top of mountain in Yugo valley.
  6. Above the village of Yugo, there are many ancient Brahmanical and Buddhist inscriptions on the rocks along the stream bed, which invite researchers to explore. It seems that there was a Buddhist Gonpa and Chhurtan here in ancient times, but at that time there was no name tag.
Unveiling the Mysteries of Kharfaq and Yugo

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